Friday, January 6, 2012

Dev 401 Certification Exam Pattern

I have successfully passed Dev 401 certification exam.

The developer 401 Exam is for people who do not know how to code as per say write a trigger or Visual Force Page. But does understand what the technical functions are in

Exam Pattern:

  • 60 multiple-choice/multiple-select questions
  • Time allotted to complete the exam: 90 minutes
  • Passing score: 68 percent

Topics from which questions came in my exam:

  • Steps in creating Junction Object/many 2 many relationships, Significance of first master-detail relationship in junction object.
  • Master-detail relationships (Maximum number of master-detail relationships on an object)
  • Look up relationship – around 3 questions
  • Cross object formula – 1 question
  • Situational questions on Manual Sharing
  • Situational questions on Field Level Security
  • Situational questions on Record Level Security
  • Purpose of Debug Logs – 2 questions
  • Time Dependent work flows
  • Parallel Approval Process
  • Situational questions on Approval process – around 3 questions
  • Final Rejection actions – 1 question
  • Page layouts – around 3 questions - designer features, situational questions whether to use visual force page or not
  • Features belonging to View layer of Model View Controller – 1 question
  • Dashboard – 1 question
  • Data Loader – around 4 questions (what CAN be done and what CANNOT be done)
  • Analytical Snapshot – 1 question
  • platform – around 2 questions. (Default sales force features available when Custom Object is created, Things that you need NOT do like deploying, installing database server etc)
  • Formula Fields – 1 question (formula for date calculation)

Overall summary of the exam:

  • 50% of the questions are multi-select options/answers
  • Straight forward questions are only few i.e., around 10.
  • More questions were from: platform related, sharing and security, work flow and approval processes, Page layouts, relationships.
  • There were around 10 questions from mock exams in below link:
  • There were NO questions from Winter 12.
  • There were NO questions from Chatter.

My Preparation:
I have prepared following:

  1. Fundamentals 
  2. Winter 12 release notes
  3. Mock exam in
  4. Tutorial in 
  5. Mock Exams in


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